Tiramisu by Rosarté

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We may need up to 30 hours to prepare Tiramisu- please check before booking for same/ next day. Rosarté holds the right to reject delivery of this cake if your location is more than an hour away as this cake is very sensitive in travelling. 

Light, airy and fluffy, this is Rosarté's take on the traditional tiramisu. We encase it in thin tempered chocolate that shines beautifully and adds character to this cake! 

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1 KG

Allergen Information 

Eggs, Dairy, Gluten and Alcohol 

How to Serve/ Store

Store in a cool and dry refrigeration. Prone to melting. 

Keep refrigerated. Keep outside refrigeration minimum 30 minutes before you relish it as optimum temperature and best texture! 

Shelf Life 

3 to 4 days