About Us

Rosarté was born out of a small dream and a lot of inspiration from Willy Wonka. With a strong determination to pin India to the global map of *fine chocolate*, we started Rosarté in 2015 with just three truffles and a chip & dale bar. Over these years, this journey led us to handcrafting celebration cakes and comfort bakes too. As chefs and professional chocolatiers from Ecole Chocolat, both Radhika and Simar take the idea of showcasing skill to a whole new level where each creation is handmade with the most wholesome, pure and generous ingredients.
Rosarté takes pride in handcrafting recipes that are only made in couverture chocolate and all our love. We hope to bring an authentic taste of wholesome flavours and make this world a sweeter place, one bite at a time!
With carefully selected ingredients, we aim to express our love for fine chocolate through every creation at Rosarté.
Email us at: info@rosartechocolate