How Do You Know If It Is a Small Dream?

How Do You Know If It Is a Small Dream?

Radhika GulatiDecember 21, 2020

As a student of Babson College, Massachusetts I was attending a one year change program at Manchester in 2013. Although, I was already " studying abroad", this one year gave me a chance to take up various internship programs. Like most of us, I was all over the place when it came to talking about " directions". 

I had multiple different internship experiences in hand, like working for a shoe company, working for an electronics MNC and even a social entrepreneurship water project in the UK. It was only until that summer when my mom was visiting me and we were discussing about how my life is going to look like after that one year ( which is when I would have graduated). I vaguely remember beginning to cry in that conversation while my mother looked at me in utter confusion. She said " just do what makes your heart happy - even if that means you need to work with chocolate for the rest of your life" :) 

I took up an internship with the Little Shop of Chocs in Shefflied, UK that summer  . It was those few weeks that helped putting Rosarté as " dream project " on the pin- board. 

Almost 7 years later, that afternoon still stays so fresh in my memory. It can only mean a few things 

1- There is no dream in this world that is too little to pursue 

2- Count your blessings and keep an account of all your resources. If you're not making the most of what you have then it's only unfair to say that life will come back to you with it's best plan! 

3- If there is something that can make you cry and smile at the same time- please make a note of it and don't let that feeling go. Pursue it, in whatever small or big way that your time and resources allow. 

Stay inspired and keep smiling



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