Rosarté's Box of Choux Pastry

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Available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 4th, 5th and 6th June 2021

This box contains our signature assortment of four choux pastry 

1.  One Hazelnut Paris Brest spun in hazelnut mousse made with homemade hazelnut butter and our signature milk chocolate hazelnut crunch 

2. One Blueberry Choux Bun with a delicious blueberry compote and whipped cream cheese mousse. It has a traditional homemade craqueline! 

3. One Bailey's Irish Cream Choux Bun filled with a rich & intense Irish cream (contains alcohol)

4. Two mini Chocolate Eclair spun in a light vanilla cream made using fresh vanilla beans, glazed in Belgian dark chocolate. This one is for the sake of pure nostalgia!

Available in a Box of 5. 

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Allergen Information 

Dairy, Eggs and Gluten

How to Serve/ Store

Store in a cool and dry refrigeration. Best relished as it is.

Shelf Life 

2 to 3 days