Parisian Choux Pastries

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Available as a limited edition weekend special only on 8th, 9th, 10th July (Friday to Sunday) 

This assorted box of Choux pastries has been curated after Chef Simar’s visit to Paris where she relished the traditional Choux pastry - a light bun filled with different flavours of creams! Our box of 4 has a:

1.  Vanilla Bean Choux Bun filled with a rich pastry cream made using Ugandan Vanilla Beans

2. Peach Choux Bun made using a fresh peach compote blended with a peach infused cream

3. Hazelnut Praline Choux Bun made using a rich hazelnut praline paste folded with a hazelnut cream  

4. Coffee Choux Bun made with a luscious espresso cream and a hint of chocolate 

Available in a Box of 4. 

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Allergen Information 

Dairy, Eggs and Gluten

How to Serve/ Store

Store in a cool and dry refrigeration. Best relished as soon as receiving. Do not warm or store longer than 2 days 

Shelf Life 

1-2 days