Winter Special Truffles & Bonbons

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Rosarte's winter special truffles & bonbons :

1. Swedish Princess Strawberry & Vanilla Bonbons 

2. Mulled Wine Bonbons 

3. Classic Dark Chocolate Truffles

4. Hazelnut Crunch Bonbons

 Available in an assorted box of 6/9/16. Each box includes the above flavours. Please note that some flavours in your box may be swapped with flavours from our signature collection depending on availability. 

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Allergen Information 

Dairy, Nuts, Gluten (and alcohol in mulled wine bonbons) 

Suitable Consumption For 


How to Serve/ Store

Store at dry and cool temperature around 21 degree celsius away from sunlight, moisture. Prone to melting. 

Shelf Life 

7 to 10 days