Assorted Chocolate Box
Allow us to create a selection of 12 assorted chocolates for you. Select your preference below.

Please note that all ROSARTE CHOCOLATE products are made in an environment of Soy, Gluten, Nuts and/or Dairy.
We do not do deliveries at the moment. We only have PICK-UPS from outside Babington Court (next to the Post Office - Intu Derby). Pickups only on the next pick-up day - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9 am to 5pm.
Please WhatsApp Radhika on +44 7576749891 for any further coordination
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All Assorted (Darl, Milk, White)
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By placing your order, you confirm that you will be collecting your order and not expecting a shipping facility. 
Rosarte Chocolate expects you to connect with us on +44 7576749891 or +91 9717717669 via WhatsApp for the collection of your order.
All products are made to order  with a shelf life of 10 days from pick-up. 
All products are temperature sensitive.  
Please note that ROSARTE CHOCOLATE  makes a range of Vegan, Gluten -free and ketogenic products but they are NOT safe for anyone with allergies as they may be made in an environment of Soy, Gluten, Nuts and/or Dairy.