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Staff management

Many people crack many jokes on HR but I take this very personally. Understanding, valuing and maintaining the value of human resources is key in an organisation.

Our team of Oompa loompa's has grown from employees on a daily-wage to permanent employees on a payroll.

However, there have been times when your love was bigger than our capacity. But as they say " there's no such thing as too much love".

That is my dadi (grandma- who makes delicious pinnis) and my Bua (dad's eldest sister who left for her heavenly abode last year) manually deseeding 2,000 pieces of dates before we take them to the kitchen for filling them up with chocolate.

Guddy bua was full of love and positivity. She always said " WISH YOU GOOD LUCK" to me before I went for an exam / went to college/ went to make chocolates. Her love & luck lingers on :)

Me, Simar, Sweety, Rani, Mom, Jai, Nani, nanu, their helper, my maasi and Samad, my brother - we all sat down to pack about 8,000 pieces of chocolates within a span of 4 days for one of

our first bulk orders.

March 2016

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