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Who will eat this?

Understanding different tastebuds

Essentially, if I just make what I like and not what you may like then I am not doing the right thing.

Again, I use my friends and family to testify what I was making and I use only those members who I knew wouldn't lie. Now, for some may think that those tasters have a great job to do but let me tell you, some of them were not very happy. I still remember Papa spat out the peppermint truffles ( he detests mint in his food hehe).

I made a new flavour every week and put it on the menu. This was challenging because we make everything on order and we don't hold stock.

Mickey chachu is a pure vegetarian and Papa bullies him saying that the chocolates contain egg but they don't as they are completely eggless

Also one of our brand ambassadors, Mickey chachu loves only milk chocolate. For him, it's not dark chocolate it is great chocolate. He makes an angry face if the chocolate is bitter :)

Our buttergumballs are on the menu because of him!

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