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Where are my mom's decorative pieces?

Pop-ups across Delhi/NCR and now in UK

Pop-ups have helped us accelerate our client base from day one

We had only three truffle flavours and Chip and Dale bars for our first pop-up

Our key channels are social media , our website and Pop-ups across Delhi/ NCR and now in Derbyshire, UK

Putting up a pop-up is a a big team effort. I use all of my mom's decoration pieces to pep-up the kiosk. Our house helpers, security guards, drivers and of course my kitchen team is on its A game during pop-ups. Friends and family visit to show their undying love and cheer!

Here's a few of our pop-ups over the years 2015-2019

That is Simar managing this year's Rakhi stall in DLF Promenade

This is our most recent one in UK where I moved to with Bhavishya after our wedding this year :)


Derby is a city in Derbyshire, UK. The people here are extremely warm and welcoming. I have done two pop-ups here and a couple of collaborations this year. It has been lovely! I have another pop-up scheduled soon for Christmas 2019 in Derby.


I am back and forth between New Delhi and Derby.

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