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The Intern

there's no such thing as invalid experience

"One thing is being unsure and the other thing is being sure that you're not sure "

I was sure I am not sure but I was very competitive in the sense that I wanted to make sure I have something going on at least to tell people " What are you doing this summer?" specially because of Cristina, my very competitive roommate who used to bag on internships months before the summer started. Many times, I acted desperate (pitched my CV to the co-passenger on a flight) to get shiny internships ( that's how I landed up at Ministry of Health for a Research internship - it was terrific) .

Confession: I took most of my internships for granted and did them to make my CV look shiny.

However, the BIBs (beautiful Indian bosses) tried to make sure I was on my toes.

Like they always say "when you don't know- mom knows"

It was when my mom was visiting me in Manchester that she asked me " What are you waiting for?" and I applied for an internship at The Little Shop of Chocs in Sheffield. It was a magical little shop where I did a small business project and got to understand how he runs his shop/ decides the menu/ decorates/ sells/ purchases/ packaging/ partnerships/ social media. It was overwhelming!

But after all, I was a business student with a business degree so I went on to get a job at one of the leading ecommerce giants in India after graduation.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

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