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Taking the Plunge

Gratitude is key

I really used to think that something like Rosarté will be my retirement plan.

I was on a very decent pay-roll for a fresh graduate in Delhi and I (have) a degree in Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

Not even a year into the job when I first sourced Belgian chocolate and made my first three truffle flavours- I had no idea what my business plan was (yup, I studied business). Despite papa's repeated questions on how I plan to make money by selling these truffles for which I was planning to charge people 60INR per truffle - he decided to let me take the plunge.

(not trying to create an emotion here or reflect on a cliché)

If it wasn't for Mom and Dad's utmost belief and the Almighty's kind grace then I don't think I would even be here telling you a tale :) Hashtag #Gratitude

Cheer leading had begun

My friend/ mentor / senior at Snapdeal - Aparajita told me that I will have to forget about the payroll / monthly debit into my bank account for sometime else it will become like a "necklace" on me and I will never be able to take the plunge. Aparajita too now is a successful entrepreneur who runs YLAC in India that aims to increase the participation of young people in the democratic process and build their capacity to lead change.

A family filled with cheer leaders just came together. Mom, Simar, and my maasi Pooja got together and started brainstorming ideas on what we should name the venture.

"RadsCher" was an option originating from Radhika + Ferrero Rocher hehe!

Nani,nanu and dadi, dadu became the official tasters of everything new in such a way that there was no flavour that was ever rejected.

My cousin Sidharth who is now a successful fashion designer in New York City helped me design the concept of the brand. (the above is one of the logo iterations)

My chachu - Sandeep Bedi got down to designing the final logo and communications!

Even today, my uncles, aunts and cousins are few of our loyal customers and we are forever grateful for the undying cheer.

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