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Prank Calls

I am my own secretary

I had no idea life was preparing me for real-life prank calls when I was barely 10 years old.

Pooja maasi (my mom's sister) and I would sit with the Yellow Pages , call up the fish shop and speak in the voice of a fish " please don't kill me, I love to swim ". This is the only and the most decent prank I can share here. :) We did this with so much confidence and I think this also lead me to stick around in high school theatre.

Rosarté's first year was all about acquiring the best packaging vendors and partners. I was speaking to different people in different tones of interest to gain the best negotiation. I have used phrases like

" I will ask my boss and confirm with you shortly",

" I will check Ms. Radhika's schedule and get back to you"

" I am speaking from the marketing team of Rosarté "

" your quote doesn't align with our budgets this quarter"

I handled different emails and put myself in CC so you would get the email from and I would be in CC as

Pooja maasi gave me a book once and that has stayed with me- Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach. According to me, it is a must have in everyone's library.

"We're free to go where we wish and to be what we are" - Richard Bach

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