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Can't go too far alone

I don't think Rosarté can function without our kitchen team. I started with making everything myself and then slowly had unskilled ( only in terms of chocolate making) workers join my team. I started with a team of one boy who helped me temper big batches of chocolate / packaging / run-errands.

We now have two full time ladies who manage the pace of work with a big wide smile on their face- Rani and Sweety.

They have been with us since 2016 and it goes without saying that they are all-rounders! They are able to understand new recipes quickly and help us put them into production.

We are possible only because of their smiles!


Kashish and Alisha help us during peak season. They both are ninjas!

Simar coordinates between me and staff, me and vendors & me and you when she is not in studying for her college! (this is her final year!)

We also owe most of our in-house photoshoots to her!

Even though his phone is never reachable, Nandu bhaiya is one of the key members of our team. From purchasing to coordination of staff and deliveries- he looks into it all. He handles payment collection as well and he really scolds me if I make a purchase that is over-the-rate.

We sometimes use our cousins and guests who visit us for dispatches as our studio is on the fourth floor. Featured here is my very adoring cousin sister, Twinkle (who by the way is now a Judge in New Delhi)

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