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Long Distance Work / Marriage?



Bhavishya ( my then BF and now husband) said " you are who you are because of Rosarté and if you're not taking Rosarté seriously then you're not who you are"

He is on contract in UK until 2021 and for these 2.5 years ( out of which 1 year is already over!!) it was going to be almost like an MBA in Entrepreneurship for me to run Rosarté with one foot in UK and one in Delhi.

This meant- once again - a LOT of family support!!

Not once did anybody question me on how I am going to do this or why am I choosing to do this? It is not just not easy but also risky in terms of "managing the show".

Once again, the family came together to uplift Rosarté. Sister Rosarté, Simar became the to-go person in Delhi and this year has gone by like a breeze

Waking up at 5.30am British Standard Time when it was 10.00 am in India for a sleepy head like mine became a ritual. I would be available on call for all clients - some clients don't know yet that I am in UK ( not that I am hiding this). Social media began to catch-up its pace as followers got very excited to see the stuff happening in Derby, UK.

Over the past (almost) one year, I have spent slightly more than 3 months in Delhi for Rakhi, Diwali and Christmas ( long distance marriage) and about 8 months in UK ( long distance business).

In March 2019, I did my first collaboration here with a baker and sold my chocolates to her. Bhavishya helped me do two pop-ups here and we are doing another one for Christmas next week!

Meanwhile, Simar , Mom, Dad and Jai (whose main duty is to tell on Simar hehe), team Rosarté ( Sweety, Rani, Seema and Chef Manoj ) , house help ( Nandu bhaiya, Rashmi, Gopal bhaiya, Anil bhaiya, Sachin and Ram Singh Bhaiya ) are on call with me for all management. I have two phone numbers - one is my India number on which you call me and I use WhatsApp on ; one is my UK local number from Lycamobile which I call you back from ('cos I have unlimited India calling on that one) :)

The goal is to keep the dream alive :)

Cheerleaders :)

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