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Growing up with the Gulatis

what have I learned?

There has never been a concept of "dessert" after dinner in my house because nobody ever looks at the clock before eating dessert. It would only be 11am with the winter sun out and I would see my mom sitting with Romeo (our Labrador) on the terrace and enjoying a full cupcake by herself.

Papa used to hide a HUGE bag of imported chocolates on the top shelf of his almirah when I was barely 5 years old. I couldn't reach that shelf so I would wait for him to return from work every day and share a chocolate with me. Till date as ritual, he eats a piece of dark chocolate as soon as he returns from work.

Simar, my sister and I would wait to be home alone so we could sneak out and have the Cafe Coffee Day chocolate pastry and cold coffee ( there was no Zomato/ Swiggy delivery when I was 15 and Simar was 9).

Once, we both went to Angels in my Kitchen (about 10 years ago) and paid them Rs.32 all in coins to have a chocolate boat!!

It is okay to eat a sandwich for snack with a brownie and a milkshake just before lunch. It is okay to sneak a piece of chocolate between meals. But more than everything else, it is very important to share your meal. Jai(u), my younger brother has come a long way from never sharing his favourite food to now first making sure that everyone else gets their share first.

"Here's to growing more into love with what I do and keeping the mischief within, alive "

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