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Earning loyalty

Using all my resources

I started sending out samples to all my friends and family. My dad's friend (Sudhanshu uncle) and our first customer came on Christmas Eve of 2015 to buy chocolates for his daughters. (I still have those Rs.500 x 5 currency notes even though now they are of demonetised hehe).

At first I felt shy and hesitant to send emails or send physical samples but eventually it was time to move on to corporate clientele so I pitched it to my chachu's company and in no little time, we got our first corporate order from BPTP and soon other companies (to name a few) like

AIPL (one of my best friend (Ikjyot)'s company),

Intersekt (also my friends' (Vidur & Ridhi's) company),

Z Channel (where my mamu's cousin worked) became our corporate gifting clients.

Delhi is a small city, it appreciates and supports value products and the word goes around really quickly.

My Dadu (grandad)'s friends (Mrs & Mr.Verma) also came in to place an order for their son's wedding ( that was our first wedding order)

The idea is to keep the trust in your product alive and don't feel shy to send out samples and get feedback. There has to be a start somewhere.

Most family members were behaving like brand ambassadors and I was not complaining.

Anku didi ( my cousin sister) would call me up a few hours before she wanted 10 LARGE Chip and Dale bars for her family - she, her mother -in-law, her sister-in-law, and all of her adoring large Jain family continues to be our clients.

PS- later in 2016, she was finalising the gifting box for her daughter and my niece 6 hours after delivering the baby.

And that's Adiya, my niece sitting in a Rosarté carry bag :)

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