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Are you serious?

"Please don't charge us for the flowers on the basket"

Nobody will take you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously

As home bakers/ home chocolate makers ( and I think this may be specific to women)

it can become very easy to sway away with comments like

" Please give us a GOOD discount, it's all in your control " , " you can't be a full time baker if you're a home bakery", " your stuff is too expensive for a home run business" , " please deliver to us for free, we are already paying you so much for chocolates"

The truth is that if you don't take yourself seriously then nobody else will. The professional decorrum demands written emails/ printed invoices/ contracts or physically signed documents for all customised orders/ proper billing and accounting.

Just like it was super important for me to have family support when we started Rosarté, it was important to have the same when I got married to my high school BF this year :)

This meant, long distance business as his job is in UK and he is on a contract in UK until 2021.

There's been dilemmas on what will happen to Rosarté if I get married and move to UK (more on this on a separate Tale ) but it is safe to say that God has been very very kind!

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