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About RosarTales and Radhika

RosarTales are little tales that continue to make us who we want to be

Why are we writing tales?

"I truly feel that our journey is a lot more fun than what the final destination may be (not that we are even close to reaching where we want to be). With this little Tale book, I look forward to sharing short tales from my journey with you"

I wish to bring to your attention that I belong to the generation of BBM, WhatsApp and FB and my grammar may be strongly slang ( and/or wrong in many instances) specifically because I may come across as a talkitive Tale teller :)

My CV ?

I went to high school in New Delhi, India then went to study Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Massachusetts, USA.

During my third year of college- I took a one year exchange program at Manchester Business School, UK.

I graduated a semester early and took up a job in Strategic Partnerships at in New Delhi.

A year later, I studied chocolate professionally at Ecole Chocolat and started Rosarté Chocolate in December 2015.

Here's me dressed as Dairy Milk chocolate for fancy dress in school (thanks mom!)

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